Thursday, February 17, 2005


Greetings to all sailors of small sailboats and those who like building small sailing boats or would aspire to do so.

In the first instance visitors to this 'blog' will have discovered the Web address from the Small Sailboats web site or from one of the Yahoo! boat discussion groups.

Maybe as the days go by you may want to ask questions or make comments - that'll be fine by me, because there will be a real channel of communication between us. That's were the usual web site fails unless it has an expensive CGI script facility. So three cheers to!!

The main purpose of setting up this facility is to have an easy system of communication between visitors and myself.

I'll be developing a few themes over the coming months, as follows:

1) Preparations for 'Bumper's' cruise to the West Country and the Scilly Isles.

2) Log updates on the Cruise - as and when I can gain access to the World Wide Web. To achieve this I'll be using a WiFi system connected to the laptop computer, but there are certain restrictions in this setup, the main one being I shall need to find 'hot spots' at ports of call. Intersestingly, they are often at MacDonald's restaurants. A 'hot spot' is a small area within range of a wireless broadcasting and receiving station which can communicate with a miniature radio in a laptop or PDA.

3) Updates on the building of a Paradox micro-cruiser - using a kit - the first of it's kind in the world.


William Serjeant said...


This is 'me' the owner of 'Bill's Log' testing the comment facility.

Well, I hope you'll join in too.



William Serjeant said...

Thanks Fi,

I hope you get time to follow new entries and maybe reply with your own comments, questions or items.


Mind Drifter.