Saturday, February 19, 2005

Navigation Computer Console

Bill's Log

Can you imagine a plywood box 14 inches high, 15 inches deep and 16 inches wide, but with a diagonal hinged piece of Perspex at the front? That’s what I’ve been making today. Why? Because when it’s finished it will protect my laptop computer from the elements when it’s being used as a navigation aid aboard my yacht. It will have a simple ventilation system for the efficient working of the cooling fan and the minimization of condensation.

At the rear, and level with the top of this purpose-made console, there will be two substantial hooks which fit over the lower washboard - this is a kind of slide-in door that blocks off the bottom half of the cabin entrance. I’ll make sure there will be room between the washboard and the container for the external power lead from the ship’s battery. This will pug into an internal cigar lighter, similar to those found in most cars.

The hooks will enable the device to be deployed internally or externally according to the weather.

When one is snug in harbour the computer will be used as at home – I’ll be comfortably seated at the yacht’s adjustable table, but most likely the subjects will be the next day’s routes, waypoints, or the composition of E-mails or ‘blogs’ such as this.

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