Sunday, September 21, 2014

Videos of ‘Faith’ - a Paradox Sailboat

In the summer of 2007 Al Law and I sailed our Paradoxes from Plymouth to Falmouth and back*. We had a great time. Al made a number of video clips showing ‘Faith’ under sail, and I published them at my Small Sailboats website and at YouTube. When I closed the website I also removed the videos from YouTube. On reflection, I think I should not have given up the website; neither should I have closed my YouTube account.

By way of rekindled interest in Paradox, although I am selling mine**, I thought it would be good to make the videos available again for public viewing; hence I have opened a new YouTube Channel to which I may post more videos.

Meanwhile, by clicking this link, you should be able to see Al’s video clips of ‘Faith’:

*My memory has played tricks; we actually sailed from Falmouth to Exmouth in company.


The Cruise (An account of my cruise a year later with ‘Faith’ in 2008)

**Note: This listing has expired!!!!

‘Minnow’, my UK Paradox is for Sale at

The Ebay item number is: 161437876632.

I can be contacted by phone at 07588288060 or by email at barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk.

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Pete said...

It would be easy to reinstate the smallsailboats website.
All the basic content is still out there on the internet via "The Wayback Machine".

All that's missing is the photos.
I also took a copy of the whole site before you closedit and should have all the content squirreled away somewhere on a backup drive.


William Serjeant said...

Well Pete, That's quite remarkable! A lot of the stuff is still there; as you say, without the photos.

One thing I learned from it was that my memory has played tricks. Instead of sailing from Plymouth to Falmouth and back with Alin 2007,we sailed in company from Falmouth to Exmouth!

I'll make a note to that effect on the "Videos of 'Faith'" article.

Reinstating the Small Sailboats website would take considerable effort; a great deal of the contents would have to be modified. Hundreds of links are defunct because their sites no longer exist. I could not use the name '' because the property belongs to someone else.

I think the task would be too time consuming. One reason for giving up mainting the site was because of the demands of keeping it up to date.