Thursday, September 11, 2014

‘Minnow’ for Sale – Further Clarification

This is a reminder of what is on offer, and how you can become the owner of ‘Minnow’.

Firstly, there’s an advertisement on Ebay Co.UK – Item Number 161437876632.

The asking price, complete with her trailer and additional items is £2,900. In light of yesterday’s article, ‘The Cost of Building a Paradox’, whoever gets her will have a bargain. Here’s the URL:

For a buyer who does NOT want her trailer, but wants all the goodies, including the Honda 2 HP outboard, I’ll reduce the price. (See the Ebay advert for what is included with the all-in option.)

Likewise, I’ll further reduce the price for a buyer who only wants the basic boat without her trailer, and without her outboard, Autohelm 800, the 2 GPSs and only one anchor.

The ship’s compass, solar panel, battery and outboard bracket will be included in all three options.

If anyone chooses the second or third option, because the trailer will not be included, I am happy to take ‘Minnow’ to Burnham Yacht Harbour to launch her there. Alternatively, I could launch her at Hullbridge. I may be prepared to tow her further afield for a fee to be agreed.

I welcome any ‘genuine’ potential buyers to come and see ‘Minnow’ at Hockley in Essex. A 10% cash deposit will secure her, along with a guarantee to pay the remainder within 14 days. I prefer cash for both payments, but cleared cheques would do. Payment in full will be required before the boat leaves my premises.  

Ideally, the buyer will tow ‘Minnow’ away using his own vehicle, which in my opinion should have an engine capacity of at least 1,600 cc.  ‘Minnow’s’ road trailer has a detachable lighting board.

The only way to discover how much I am prepared to accept is to make an offer for your preferred option, but you would be advised to see the boat first and discuss what will be included in the sale.

My telephone number is 07588288060 and my email address is barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk.


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