Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Paradox Photos

Here are a few photos copied from my old Small Sailboats website.
'Jill Baby'


'Whisper' again

'Whisper' yet again

'Whisper' yet, yet again


‘Jill Baby’

Jack Gardiner first launched his Paradox at Gaspee Point, Providence River, upper Narragansett Bay.


David Beard let me have these snapshots of his Paradox.

Note: This listing has expired!!!!!

‘Minnow’, my UK Paradox is for Sale at

The Ebay item number is: 161437876632.

I can be contacted by phone at 07588288060 or by email at barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk.

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‘Minnow’ Advertised for Sale on Ebay - Inventory


Brian said...

Just came across this blog about building and sailing a paradox in Hawaii. Guess you may have it already but just in case here's the link

William Serjeant said...

Yes, thanks Brian.

I knew about it. Dave has been very creative by adding bits and pieces to make his Paradox more comfortable. He has invested heavily in solar panels, LED nav lights, fans etc. He's obviously having a great time cruising the boat.