Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paradoxical Paradise

An inanimate creature, but with latent life, she lies frigidly frozen under winter’s shroud. Then come spring’s sunbeams and sun’s warmth to stir her sleeping heart. Feebly it beats and stronger still, until breathing deeply, she savours sweet blossoms' scent.

Vibrant, alert and alive, she hears surf’s call, “Unfurl your wings. Stretch out your limbs, and come dance with me.”

At sea’s edge she slides into the cool, cool blue.

 Blissfully, almost imperceptibly, she drifts towards yon horizon while mesmerized by her rippling image, and entranced by the shimmering sea. Thus transfixed, unwittingly she inhales the ozone breath of Aeolus. Fully livened she senses adventure. She feels the pulse of the ocean.

She dances her best before great billows boom their foaming crests into the deep, deep, deep.

The sun shines, but clouds gather as the sea nymph play. She frolics with white fillies upon the sparkling surge. Surreptitiously, wave after wave of viridian, violet and azure hue, with glint of light and rainbow spray, grow into aqueous mountains. They rise and fall with awesome power.

In foul mood, Aeolus scowls and howls and shrieks! His brow is like a ploughman’s field, and his cheeks are like a smelter’s bellows. His eyes beam with murderous intent. Dark, thunderous masses unleash their wrath. Black Heaven is split by a blinding light. Fearsome thunderbolts vent their spleen upon this restless scene, and our tiny speck bravely cleaves her way through fangs of roaring waves. She lifts her head, throws back her mane and snorting, charges into the fray.

The Wind God is unrelenting. He stirs the murky deep, and blasts the upper chambers until he runs out of steam, totters and falls. Deflated and defeated, he gasps, and lies motionless, formless on an almost placid sea, but our ‘speck’ bobs triumphantly upon the ocean blue, more adventures to pursue. Dolphins gambol, guillemots dive; whales their fountains blow. Beyond yonder horizon our heroine goes - no more to die, but live eternally under heaven’s azure sky.

Please Note:

The above is Copyright material with all rights to me, Bill Serjeant. You may reproduce it, but not for financial gain.

The ode tells of a Paradox Sailboat caught in the ultimate storm. She awakes from winter hibernation, is launched and taken to sea. Distracted by the beauty of it, she is unaware of an approaching storm that engulfs her. She valiantly fights for her life and triumphs over the Wind God and gains an eternal life of adventures for evermore.

For Sale

I can be contacted by phone at 07588288060 or by email to barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk.

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