Thursday, August 18, 2011

‘Ladybird’s’ Cruise 2010

Seals, River Swale

Heeling on a mooring during a full gale at Exmouth

The past can never be relived, but memories can linger on. I have fond memories of my two month single-handed cruise aboard ‘Ladybird’ last year. A glance at my photo album reminded me of the wonderful time I had, including a full gale at Exmouth and a more than exhilarating sail from there to Weymouth.

I set out from Burnham-on-Crouch on Thursday, 3rd June and returned to my Burnham mooring at the end of the cruise on 30th July. My 19 foot Seawych sloop looked after me during that adventure to Falmouth and back, via the south coast of England. The more I sailed her, the more confidence I gained in her.

At Keyhaven where Brian Pearson was my pilot and crew for a short sail from Lymington

My Sony Cybershot digtal camera was useful for making a visual record of the cruise. I took hundreds of photos. Looking at them now on my computer, I am appreciative of how fortunate I am to have good eyesight, not only for seeing the photos, but for going about my normal daily activities. Those of us with good eyesight can take it for granted, and not realize how necessary the sense of sight is for day- to-day living.

Looking towards Bolt Head while doing a coastal walk

We see millions and millions of images every day and give little thought to them, and yet our very lives rely on what we see.

Selecting a few photos representative of my cruise was not an easy or instant task, but here they are.

Dodman Point, representative of several headlands rounded

Golden Lion at Weymouth - one of many interesting sculptures seen while exploring on foot

'Ladybird' back at Burnham


Log of my Cruise to Falmouth and Back from Burnham-on-Crouch

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