Monday, August 22, 2011

‘Ladybird’s’ 2010 Cruise Photo Selection

'Ladybird' at East Head, Chichester Harbour

Continuing with my memories of last year’s very successful cruise to the West Country aboard ‘Ladybird’, my old Seawych 19 - here is a selection of photos.

A coastal cruise on a yacht is not comprised solely of sailing; a major part consists of activities ashore. Indeed, the flavour of a cruise is often defined by these experiences, rather than those when at sea.

Take this Brixham Trawler, for example; she was based a Torquay Marina. I had to pass by her every time I went ashore via the pontoon walkway. I was intrigued with her sturdy functional design and her battered, rust streaked hull.

Walking along Exeter’s High Street I came across an innovative sculpture which was made from reflective materials. This mirrored sphere reflected a distorted view of the buildings, and an equally distorted reflection of me holding my camera.

While exploring the backstreets of Weymouth I noticed that many of the older houses had numerous chimneys of different shapes and sizes. These are not elegant and they have little architectural or artistic merit, but they are striking with their cowlings and a gull perched on top of one.

Here is a prettier scene, a view of Salcombe from the south east side of the estuary. I took it when on one of my coastal walks.

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