Thursday, February 03, 2011

Launching and Retrieving a Laser Dinghy

Further to my article yesterday about my visit to Roadwater Lake, I’m making available three small videos showing how my nephew launched and retrieved his dinghy. During the launching process the boat began to sail off as he was putting her trolley on the hard. He managed to grab her just in time before she was out of reach in deeper water.

One thing a careful owner does not want to happen is for his boat to suffer damage; therefore keeping her clear of anything that may scratch her hull is important. The videos demonstrate how a dinghy can be launched and recovered without being damaged.


Sailing off



Fernando Costa said...

Hello Master Bill! I quoted your blog today, look!

Good winds!

Fernando Costa

William Serjeant said...

Thank you Fernando. I'm hoping to continue building Sharpy when the weather warms up, perhaps in March. Meanwhile I may be able to make bits and pieces, such as parts of the keel.

Best wishes, Bill.