Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Vivacity 20

I’ve seen quite a number of Vivacity 20s sailing the shallow waters of the south-east of England, for which they are well suited. With a draught of 2’ 6” they can creek crawl where other vessels possibly would not dare go, and if they get stuck, they can happily take the ground by settling on their bilge keels.

Designed by D. C. Pollard, the yacht was developed from the Alacrity 19 that was built by Hurley Marine, but marketed by Russell Marine. Russell Marine, who later joined forces with Catalina Yachts of the USA, took over production of the Vivacity 20 in 1972.

With a masthead rig, a 7’ 1” beam and a waterline length of 18’ 4” they had a good overall performance. Motorised propulsion came from an outboard motor mounted on her transom. Featuring an open plan layout and four berths, she was a popular choice for couples - even those with one or two young children.


LOA 20’ 02
LWL 18’ 4”
Beam 7’ 1”
Draught 2’ 6”
Displacement 2,205 lbs
Headroom 4’ 0”


Vivacity 20s for Sale (£1,000) (£1,750) (£1,800) (£2,500) (£4,000)

Vivacity 20 – good photos

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