Friday, October 22, 2010

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 12

Frames in the making

Frames complete with edge strips

I’ve had a satisfying day working on the four frames. Each frame has five sides that are reinforced with strips of wood. They are held in place with small, brass panel pins and epoxy. I first made the strips of wood; then using a pencil I marked where they would be tacked to the frames. Frames number one and two have their strips on the forward side, and frames three and four have their strips on the aft side. Before applying the epoxy, I hammered panel pins through the plywood frames so that their tips just broke through the surface where the epoxy would be applied. Having applied the epoxy to all the surfaces, I simply pressed the strips onto the tips of the panel pins and turned the frames over so that I could drive the pins home.

Tomorrow, I may be able to make the butt joints for the side panels, form the transom into its shape and fashion the inner stem post.

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