Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yesterday and Today

View to the left of Bridgemarsh Creek from the spot where 'Ladybird' was anchored
Improvised anchor ball

Yesterday is now a good memory. I’m glad I went for a sail. I took the opportunity when it was there. The tide was right; the wind was right; the weather was dry and I was free to go. The exercise working the boat, rowing out to her and back, and getting the dinghy on and off the pontoon from where she is stored, did me a power of good. I didn’t need to take a walk that day to burn off energy or use my limbs, because I found all the physical exertion I needed in carrying out the jobs required while working the boat. Pulling the dinghy on her trolley up the gangway from the Rice and Cole pontoon caused me to sweat, and that, I’m told, is good for reducing cholesterol. I wonder if mine needs reducing.

By contrast today I have done a lot of driving and little else, except have a walk. It rained this morning and later this afternoon, but I was able to take my walk between the downpours.

I’ve placed a few more photos here of some of the ones I took yesterday while aboard ‘Ladybird’ on the River Crouch.

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