Sunday, August 01, 2010

‘Ladybird’ is not forgotten or abandoned

Before being launched at the beginning of the season
Being launched
After being launched

This afternoon I went to the boat with the purpose of ‘deep’ cleaning her cabin. When I left her after the recent cruise, I had thoroughly cleaned her exterior and partially cleaned her interior after removing the cruising gear. She’s now pretty clean, and ready for a new owner - should one materialize. Meanwhile, my plan is to take her for day sailing during August. Hopefully, if the weather is suitable I’ll be sailing her on Thursday with a couple who want to see how she sails. The tide will be right for visiting the spot where the seals lounge on Maplin Sand while awaiting high water.

We will need to set off at three hours before low water so that we can go with the ebb to arrive at the anchorage an hour before low water. This will give us time to watch the seals and have a picnic, before returning to ‘Ladybird’s’ mooring. The best plans of mice and men often fail; therefore I won’t bank on the plan being a success, because the wind could be too strong, or it might rain, or some other unforeseen happening may occur, but unless plans are made, and time is set aside to accomplish them, prearranged events cannot happen.

A neglected boat will deteriorate quickly; even a fibreglass one will become grubby; therefore I shall use the boat whenever I can.

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