Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time at Burnham

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Parker 21

'River Dancer' at Burnham Marina

'Swamp Thing' model

I had a funny day. Things didn’t work out as planned. The idea was to go sailing with the new owner of ‘Ladybird’, but her car broke down and she didn’t make it. Instead of sailing, I spent time aboard her boat watching the comings and goings of various vessels at the beginning of Burnham Week. All manner of craft passed by, but as usual my focus was on the sailing variety. When they came within range I took my camera out, pointed it and hoped for the best. What with the movement of ‘Ladybird’, most of the photos turned out to be useless, because the horizons were all over the place.

Burnham was packed …………. cars parked everywhere …………… visitors galore eating out on the terraces, watching the yachts and dinghies racing around the marks. I went for a walk along the river front as far as the Marina where there was hardly room to move because of the cars. Talk of a turn down in the economy! There’s no sign of it here! – posh shiny everything, and no space left for yachts at the pontoons. Well, I suppose it is the Bank Holiday weekend. Why shouldn’t people have fun, take the kids out, eat ice creams, laugh and scream, walk and run with their dogs, watch them dash into the water and see them shake it off?

Back at home after a hot bath, the world was fine. Another look at my cardboard model of Matt Layden’s ‘Swamp Thing’, and the world was positively glowing.


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