Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boat Lay-up

'Ladybird' dreaming

It’s that time of year; Jack Frost placed his silver mantle on the garden lawn during the night, and the warm morning sunshine transformed it into a carpet of iridescent pearls. This brilliant greeting with red Robin’s call was a reminder that it’s time to cover the boat now that she has been brought ashore ready for her winter hibernation. Yesterday I took home her sails and bits and bobs after the end of season cleanup. Because she is small I didn’t have a lot to do, but I need to decide if I’m going to replace a seized seacock under the basin or block it off. I hardly ever use the basin, because I prefer a bowl which is much more convenient when placed on my lap for washing dishes or preparing vegetables etc. The seacock looks substantial, and I doubt it will leak or that the jubilee clips will fail, but I have all the winter to decide what to do.

With ‘Ladybird’ asleep under her winter covers, together we can share dreams of April showers, aqua seas, islands, estuaries, gentle summer winds and blissful, balmy days. In our slumbers we can leisurely cruise the South Coast Riviera to sunny Exmouth and glorious Devon, and if June and July bring good weather, our fantasies may become realty, but this will depend on my continuing good health and God’s wonderful providence.

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