Friday, December 18, 2015

Twister Yacht Designed by Kim Holman

In view of recent comments about popular yacht designers and their designs, I think it’s worth revisiting some of their classic yachts.

The first for consideration is C. R. ‘Kim’ Holman (1925-2006) who must have designed well over 50 yachts, many of them built by different yards in various places around the world. My favourites are his Stella and the Elizabethan 29 and the Twister 28, but by far the most desirable for me is the Twister 28.

If there’s anyone who wants a Twister and can afford one (unlike me), there’s no shortage of them on the secondhand market. You need look no further than the Twister Class Association's website* to find details of 14 for sale (at the time of writing) ranging from a 1984 GRP version at £28,000 to a 1964 wooden original at £14,000.


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Alden Smith said...

I think Holmans Twister is a wonderful little boat and I am surprised more of them haven't completed long ocean voyages / circumnavigations etc - I would be pleased to be corrected on that score if anyone knows of some great Twister voyages.

Paul Mullings said...

I'm with you Bill, although the sight of a fleet of Stella's rushing down the Crouch is a joy to behold.