Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Public Slipway - Part 2

The above signs are all legible, unlike some of those posted yesterday

As I pointed out to Alastair in yesterday’s ‘comments’ section, apart from the excessive fee for using the slipway, my main gripe is with the slipshod maintenance of Council Signs in the vicinity of the slipway. It is impossible to read everything written on them, because of their poor condition. At the entrance to the road leading to the slipway there’s what appears to be an official stainless steel and glass display cabinet for Council notices, but it does not have a single notice in it; instead, attached to an outside support there are two tatty paper notices.

I appreciate that several signs in the locality are not owned by Southend Borough Council; for example, there are a few belonging to the Maritime and Coastal Agency regarding the adjacent Coastguard Rescue Station, and there’s a large Ministry of Defence notice setting out rules and regulations in connection with the nearby Shoeburyness Artillery Range. I fear some of the technical jargon spelled out on the latter may not be understand by members of the public; furthermore it is in a poor condition.

Generally, I believe the Borough Council has tried very hard to present Southend as an attractive seaside resort. Huge sums of money have been spent on improving the seafront with new road layouts, pavements, lighting etc.. They have parted with money on advertising the town’s attractions, such as the pier, the beaches, the Beecroft Gallery, the Cliffs Pavilion and the Palace Theatre. There’s been quite an emphasis on promoting water sports*, but they appear to have overlooked the carbuncle and eyesore at their prime launching site. The facility at East Beach could do with a spruce up and perhaps the installation of a freshwater hose for users of the slipway. 


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