Friday, November 16, 2012

An Outing with the Grandchildren

Last Sunday afternoon my wife and I went to Southend Craft and Gift Show at Garon Park, and our youngest grandchildren came with us because they wanted to see Peppa Pig. Other things also interested them, including displays of handmade sweets, cakes and cookies. They enjoyed looking at several children’s books, Christmas decorations, toys and gadgets. A display that intrigued them had gizmos that made artificial flames. The children were irresistibly drawn to the flames and they couldn’t resist putting their fingers into them - despite being asked not to do so by me. They were too young to read a prominent sign requesting visitors to refrain from touching the exhibits. Reluctantly they moved on.

At a show of this sort there will inevitably be a fair amount of rubbish, but there were one or two stalls offering better quality wares. I particularly liked Dinky Impressions* that had on display a wide range of silver jewellry. Their principal product was handcrafted jewellry that could be personalised by the addition of fingerprint impressions, scaled down foot prints and animal paw prints. These could be etched into a wide variety of shaped pieces of silver for attaching to necklaces, bracelets and key rings; likewise prints could be added to earrings and cufflinks.

In addition to their silverware, Dinky Impressions are vendors of beautiful stainless steel jewellry. Therefore, if you are looking for a special gift to mark an occasion, why not visit their website and order online? You will be sent a kit with instructions on how to take your prints.


*Dinky Impressions

Peppa Pig


Southend Craft and Gift Show


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merry said...

Ooh, what fun you had. I wonder if people enjoy grandchildren more than their own children?