Friday, July 06, 2007

St Just in Roseland

Although it was a howling gale I left home at 0515 for the West Country, reliant upon my TomTom road navigator which took me almost to the destination, but lead me up the creek! Not the one I wanted. The road became nothing more than a horse track that ended ta farm with a large driveway. The owner was very friendly and gave me instructions for finding St Just in Roseland where I arrived at 1415. It was much as I remembered it three years ago when I sailed into St Just Creek. There’s a delightful village church and a narrow winding lane leading to the pebbly beach where I’m hoping I’ll be able to launch ‘Faith’ on the late morning tide tomorrow.

On arrival I introduced myself to Julian who runs Pasco’s Boat Yard. He gave me permission to leave my car and trailer among a few laid up yachts. He let me use his freshwater hose to top up the water ballast. The wind continued to blow at gale force from the west directly into St Just Creek where I’m ready to spend the night after a good walk.

At the time of making up this log there is no sign of any other DCA sailors, but the NW Section’s holiday meeting is not due to start until tomorrow, and I guess most of them work for a living. It will take them a good time to travel south and set up camp. Maybe they’ll brave the gale which is due to moderate tomorrow and further still on Sunday.

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