Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Mast 4

Yesterday I did a bit more shaping of the mast, and cut the slot for the main halyard sheave.

I’ll build the all round masthead light into the very top of the mast and I’ll lead the flex through a conduit bypassing the area of the sheave to a point below the upper plug, where it will enter the mast’s hollow section. From there it’ll be tacked in place to prevent it tapping the mast when the boat is moved by wave action. The flex will pass through a watertight hole near the base of the mast; then be attached to a plug for connecting it to the ship’s battery.

When the light has been built into the mast I’ll glue the front section in place before finally giving the mast its designed profile.

Rather than using varnish or paint on the mast, I’ll most probably apply Deks Ole. This will be easier to maintain than varnish, while looking just as attractive.

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