Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Boat Preparation Lists

If only cash in the bank would appreciate as items on my Preparation List multiply I would be a very rich man.

A few months ago my list consisted of fewer items than the total number of my fingers. (Yes, I do have eight fingers, despite a couple of accidents in my youth.) As I attend to each item I am forced to add a further two! (Not fingers ….. Ugh) Hence, the list grows.

Shortly before launching my boat I always find there are unfinished jobs, but by persistent application only a few remain which can be dealt with when the boat is afloat.

Then, joy of joy, she’s ready for a trial sail which will bring to light unforeseen things needing attention.

I like to set deadlines for the completion of preparations; otherwise I procrastinate.

For some people procrastination is a joy in itself; they have the motto, ‘Put off what doesn’t have to be done today in the hope that tomorrow it will not need doing,’ but if the engine will not start after its winter service and it has to be used for getting in and out of the marina, no amount of procrastination will remedy the situation.

Let’s face it; active boat owners always have preparation lists for forthcoming events - the next race, day sail, or cruising holiday.

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