Sunday, August 10, 2014

Van de Stadt Pioneer 9

In August 2012 I wrote a short article* about a Van de Stadt Pioneer 9 I saw on the River Crouch at Fambridge. Later, I discovered she was for sale for £5,500. I believe that same yacht is the one featured in these photos showing her ashore at Burnham Yacht Harbour last week. I image she was sold, and that her new owner is preparing her below the waterline for repainting and antifouling. He’s made a brilliant job of polishing the propeller, but there’s a lot more work on the hull to make it smooth before applying the appropriate paints.

Having owned ‘Aziz’** a Pioneer 9, I have an empathy for what is being done to ‘Nomis’, for that is her name. She is a genuine early, classic fibreglass yacht built in the 1970s worthy of being cherished.

I would be interested to know why she was named, ‘Nomis’, which is Simon spelled backwards.

**See first 3 links below.


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