Tuesday, August 12, 2014

‘Hooge Springer’- A Dutch Style Steel Yacht

Here are photos of a steel Dutch style yacht. The Dutch have a good reputation for building quality steel yachts: round bilge, chined and multi-chined.  As her name is ‘Hooge Springer’, I would suggest she may have been built in the locality of Breskens, Netherlands.

I saw her today at Leigh-on-Sea, moored to the public quay. From appearances I believe someone is living aboard her. The amount of gear accumulated on her decks and in her cockpit would indicate this to be the case. The charge for berthing there is £9.00 a day, which works out at £63.00 a week. This is considerably less than a pontoon mooring at nearby Leigh Marina, where the charge for a 34’ boat would amount to £173.74!


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Unknown said...

Hooge Springer is an Alcyone II design by Max Gunning.
Thanks for the photos.