Monday, November 21, 2011

Grandchildren – Right and Wrong (Part 2)

Yesterday, we saw our grandchildren being rewarded for their patience; they had waited twenty minutes or so in a queue to see Father Christmas. He gave them each a book and asked what presents they would like on Christmas Day. That morning they had visited a toy shop where there were miniature radio controlled cars, and within seconds they mastered the controls. They had the cars zooming backwards and forwards, gleefully and deliberately crashing them together. Fortunately the cars were designed to withstand head to head impacts. It was no wonder that their request to Father Christmas was for each of them to have a car, but wisely he made no guarantee that he would be able to satisfy their desires.

That was not the end of excitement for the children that day, because after Santa’s grotto they were soon on their way to a birthday party, where there would be three sets of triplets and other friends. As is the vogue these days, the party had been arranged to take place at an activities centre. The theme was trampolining. We were ushered into a large gymnasium where there was a trampoline and a bouncy castle. An instructor supervised children on the trampoline, while others played on the bouncy castle or ran around the gymnasium kicking footballs. As you can imagine, it was rather noisy, and there was an awful lot of activity, but the children loved it.

No one was hurt, and after expending enormous amounts of energy the youngsters were taken to an upper room where a table was prepared for a party feast. The iced birthday cake was shaped to represent a red sports saloon, and it was decorated accordingly. The main meal consisted of sausages and chips - a very popular menu! Ice creams, cakes and jellies followed. Adults consumed what the children did not devour. I was required to demolish two ice creams - the second was not eaten quite as enthusiastically as the first, but they could not be wasted, could they?

At the end of the party the children were all given goody bags, which occupied them on their way home in the car. Back at home they continued searching the contents of their bags. Each bag contained a puzzle with movable squares that formed a picture of an animal’s head. One of the boys moved the squares around; afterwards he could not return them to their original places. This was highly frustrating for him - more so when I could not instantly put the matter to right. He was amazed at my incompetence.

After a bath, more play and the reading of a story, the children were not long in bed when they fell asleep. It had been a right good day.

Text for the Day

Psalm 33:4 ‘For the word of the LORD is right, and all His work is done in truth.’

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