Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Traditional Sailing Dinghy

Traditional Dinghy

No chainplates for shrouds

Close-up of stern

I wish I knew a bit more about the dinghy pictured here. I took the photo on 8th July, 2011. She was on the mud at Heybridge near the Blackwater Sailing Club. There was a similar boat for sale at the Boat Shed. (See 1st link below) Both boats are GRP simulated clinker versions of an original wooden dinghy. They have the typical form of old East Coast workboats, perhaps used by fishermen for attending to crab pots, line fishing, and setting nets or as tenders to smacks.

The dinghy that was for sale at the Boat Shed was built and fitted out by Peter Brookes. She has an identical short iron bowsprit to the one on the boat I photographed at Heybridge, which makes me think she was built by Peter.

Cropped photo from Your Boat Pix. (See link for full size picture*)

There are similar dinghies, like the one I found at Your Boat Pix.*


Traditional Classic Style Dinghy


Peter Brookes


Brookes Boatbuilders


This is another of my Photos – Perhaps she was built by Peter Brookes


*From YourBoatPix.co.uk


Blackwater Sailing Club


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