Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Falmouth Gypsy

Rodney Warington Smyth designed the original wooden Falmouth Gypsy Mk 1. The Mk 2 had a GRP hull and the rest of the boat was GRP sheathed plywood. The Mk 3 was entirely moulded in fibreglass. Penryn Boatbuilding Complany built most of the Mk 2 boats. Gweek Boatyard completed six Mk 2s before Trecarne Boats acquired the moulds from them. Trecarne Boats of Redruth redesigned the decks and coachroof to increase the volume of the interior. Their version became the Mk 3.

The quality of second-hand Mk 2 Falmouth Gypsy yachts can vary considerably, because some of them were supplied in basic kit form, or just with their hull and deck bonded. The quality of the internal finish very much depended on the skill of those who fitted out the hulls and the materials they used. A really good quality Falmouth Gypsy may be obtained for about £4,000 to £4,500.




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fuck - off said...

hi bill
i fond this on facebook of the Falmouth Gypsy boat and we hope u can jone us on ther


William Serjeant said...


Thank you for the invitation to join you on Facebook, but I am not a member. I can see the advantages of joining Facebook, but I can also see the disadvantages.

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Captain Landry said...

I sailed my Falmouth Gypsy from Ft Smith, Arkansas, USA to Nichols Town Bahamas, I've requested to join the facebook page. You can read about my adventure at http://sailingmatilda.blogspot.com

I'm moving my Falmouth to a enclosed garage and about to do a major restoration (again)