Monday, September 05, 2005


After sanding the stock, complete with its boarding step, I cut out two pieces of 12 millimetre plywood according to the design for the rudder. These I bonded together with epoxy - this was done after I shaped the groove for the lifting line.

Tomorrow I may be able to give the rudder a classic foil section, but the upper part on the port side I’ll need to keep flat, to provide a better bearing surface against the stock.

When the rudder has been shaped in section I’ll cut out a notch on the trailing edge for casting 3 kilos of lead which will be held in place with screws.

In addition to working on the rudder I managed to draw out the forward side piece of the hull from the same plywood I used to make the rudder.

All, in all, I’m pleased with my progress, but from Thursday onwards the forecast is for rain until the weekend; therefore I need to do as much as I can tomorrow and the following day.

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