Saturday, September 03, 2005

Rudder Stock

There’s a lot more work in building the rudder stock than I anticipated. Today I was able to spend a few hours making the boarding step, which will be bonded to the bottom of the stock on the port side.

I don’t anticipate swimming off the boat too often, and neither do I expect to fall in the water, because most of the time when afloat I should be in the cabin, but when launching off a shallow ramp or beach the boarding ladder should be most useful. The lower part of the stock may provide steerage when underway in very shallow water.

I tried to make the step as streamlined as possible without compromising strength. Its upper side is flat, except for the leading edge, but the underside has a classic foil section. The whole thing will be underwater and, like the rudder and the stock, it will be encapsulated in fibreglass cloth to prevent water ingress and to provide extra strength.

Tomorrow I may be able to finish shaping the rudder stock and attaching the step.

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