Friday, August 12, 2005

Laminating Deck Beam (7)

I was able to start on the deck beams after lunch. The cleaning up process with the two unfinished beams was swift. By using the angle grinder I very quickly smoothed out the ‘wrinkles’ of hardened epoxy on both sides of the beams where it had oozed out from between the battens. Never having had the convenience of an angle grinder before, I was amazed how much dust it generated; without me realizing it, several items in the garage were soon covered with a film of white dust; therefore I learnt a lesson the hard way, and I resolved that future grinding would be done out of doors, if possible.

As I wanted to laminate the third beam, I had to meticulously remove the dust before I could start.

This time I found a better way of attaching the plastic bin liner to the jig, so that it was easier to bend the battens between the screw supports at each end and the curved side of the jig.

If there’s enough epoxy to laminate another beam tomorrow, I’ll try to do so before I’m required as a ‘chauffeur’ later in the day. Very seldom can I find time for working a full day on the boat, because other demands take priority. (Please take out your violins and play a lament.)

A fresh batch of epoxy should be delivered on Monday; unfortunately I was out this morning when it arrived from UK Resins, and the driver would not leave it without a signature.

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