Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cabin and Hatch Beams 2

Inevitably there have been days when I’ve not be able to do any work on my Paradox sailing cruiser; Thursday and Friday were such, but this afternoon I was able to laminate one of her cabin beams. These are of various widths and therefore they have to be made with some care. After laminating my second deck beam I cut the strips for three more, but most likely tomorrow I’ll not be able to make any progress, simply because there are more pressing things to do.

I’ve ordered the wood for completing the boat, including the spars, which I’ll probably build before starting the hull. I have to find space for storing the wood; perhaps I’ll need to make a rack attached to the garage ceiling in which to keep it.

The American, Glen Maxell, has sold me his old-style Paradox sail and I should receive it within the next few days. For $300 plus $41 carriage, that’s a bargain. It would have cost me considerably more to have a new sail sewn by a UK sail maker. Having the sail before making the gaff and boom is an advantage, because I can build them to suit the sail.

Glen has the mark two version of a Paradox sail, which has a higher aspect ratio, but the disadvantage is that it does not roll up tidily around the boom when stowed. I’m prepared to accept that the old-style sail is not quite so efficient to windward.

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