Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cruise Photos

Between 15th and 18th July I took ‘Sandpiper’ for a short cruise on the River Crouch. Instead of photographing items of interest with my Sony Cyber-shot camera, as was my usual practice, I photographed them with my iPhone’s camera. By doing so I could upload photos directly to my Blog.  I had no need to format them, nor did I have to extract them from a camera’s memory before transferring them to my EEE PC for uploading to my Blog. In fact, I was not able to upload anything from my EEE PC to my Blog, because the applications were incompatible.

A disadvantage of taking photographs with the iPhone’s camera is that the resulting images contain fewer pixels than those of the Sony; in a similar vein, the zoom facility is nowhere near as good as the Sony’s for recording detail.

To date I have not published several of my photos taken during the mini cruise; therefore I am making use of this facility to show you three of them. They are not photos of artistic merit, but they do capture the flavour of the cruise.

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