Thursday, April 19, 2012

‘Talitha’ has been sold.

The Sharpy, 'Talitha'.

I very seldom keep a boat for any length of time, and true to form I have sold the most recent one built by me. I was swayed by passion when I made the decision to go ahead to build her. The original Sharpy roof rack keelboat was on display at the Beale Boat Show several years ago. There I fell in love with her, just as King David fell in love with Bathsheba when seeing her for the first time, but I did not sin by killing a person to satisfy my lust. (2 Samuel 11) Years later the vision remained, and I desired to have a Sharpy of my own. I telephoned Derek Munnion who designed and built the boat I saw at the Boat Show, but he would not sell her. He cherished her too much to let her go. Once again, I did not resort to murder in order to have her; instead I got hold of the building plans and put a lot of effort into building my very own Sharpy.

'Faith', my old Paradox

All this was controlled by passion. I did not see clearly what I was doing. I could imagine the sleek vessel racing along in a good Force 3 sailing on the River Crouch and other East Coast rivers. What I had overlooked in my desire was that I would not be able to sleep aboard the boat! Most previous boats I’ve built have had accommodation for sleeping overnight. The sort of sailing I enjoy most is solo cruising and pottering for two or more days– even months, if time permits. My Paradox, ‘Faith’ fulfilled this role admirably. I was offered money for her, and I parted with the best boat I ever owned. On reflection, I should never have been enticed by money. (1Timothy 6:10)

'Sandpiper', a West Wight Potter - my latest mistress.

Decisions once acted upon cannot be undone. The past is finished and never again will it be repeated. There’s only one way to go after making a bad decision, and that’s to go forward; be positive and optimistic for the future. To that end I have bought a Type ‘C’ West Wight Potter and I’m in the process of making her ready for a spot of local cruising and pottering. If all goes well, I’ll take her further afield, perhaps to the West Country where the water is bluer and the scenery is great.

For day sailing, ‘Talitha’ fulfils the bill admirably, and no doubt she would be great to take to locations when camping. I envisaged doing this, but I realized camping ashore was not my forte; I much prefer to sleep aboard my boat which gives greater flexibility. I hope and trust ‘Talitha’s’ new owner will have much fun sailing her. I wish him all the best. He’s got an absolute bargain, and she is the best built of all of my boats. He will not be disappointed.

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