Friday, May 13, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 85

There are days when I make huge strides, and other days when I barely crawl; such has been my feeble effort at building the boat today. The fact is, I spent a fair amount of time doing those things necessary around the garden and visiting an elderly person who is bedridden, which left me with little time for getting chandlery, and even less for actually building the boat, but I could not have done what I did without the chandlery.

One of the photos shows my start at fixing the upper pintle to the rudder stock; the lower fitting will be a gudgeon, and visa versa on the transom. The pintle on the transom will be longer than the one on the rudder stock to make it easy for shipping the rudder. The procedure will be to first slip the rudder stock gudgeon onto the transom pintle, then lower the upper pintle into the gudgeon on the transom.

Before I can do the above I’ll need to add appropriate wooden supports, inside and out for attaching the transom pintle and gudgeon. If I had been able to have the pintles and gudgeons made from stainless steel as per plan, I would not be fiddling about trying to fit ones designed for a flat transom.

The more I work on the boat, the more promising she looks, and I would like to have her finished within a month, hopefully sooner, including fitting the road trailer given to my by Gavin Atkin.


Gavin Atkin’s Web Site – In the Boat Shed

Also Free Boat Design Resources


Brian said...

Some photos of Howard Rice's Sylph to give you some inspiration, especially his seat padding.

William Serjeant said...

I managed to find photos of Sylph sailing, but I couldn't get the link to work, even with Sylph spelt correctly - that's probably because I couldn't work out what came after 'showthread' to '='.

Thanks all the same. I hope you are making progress with building your new boat. If I come down you way with mine, I'll bring the lead too!!!