Friday, May 06, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 80

Roughly cut cockpit shape - It will need trimming when the decks have been attached to the hull.

I didn’t get a great deal of time for working on the boat today, but I cut out the approximate shape of the cockpit, prepared the under surfaces of the decks that will be epoxied to the hull, and I made two butt plates for the deck joints. Preparation for the under surfaces entailed sanding and scoring the plywood.

When the decks have been fixed to the hull I’ll give the cockpit its final shape and add the coaming, but as I explained yesterday, I’ll have to attach a bracket to the starboard foredeck for the keel hoist and make four plates to be attached underneath the decks where the rope handles will pass through them. These will prevent the decks from being damaged when the handles are pulled sideways, as indeed they will be, when drawing the boat to the side of a pontoon, quay, river bank or jetty.

Deck Butts

The only thing needed to be done inside the hull before I can set about painting it is to make the seat support or build a seat. I’m undecided whether to obtain a plastic office seat and remove the metal frame, as shown on the plans, or to make my own. I seem to remember I’ve discussed this topic before on a recent entry.

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