Saturday, March 20, 2010

Regular Subscribers - Thank You


This is an appropriate moment to thank all of you good people who regularly subscribe to Bills-Log. Without your support there would be little incentive to continue. I could keep all the fun to myself and not share it with others, but the sharing makes all the difference to me, and I know you appreciate it too, because you keep coming back for more! Thank you.

Over the past weeks I’ve been reminiscing on cruises I’ve had aboard my own boats and one aboard a friend’s. My log books contain many more stories, and it is my hope to share a selection of them as time goes on.

Forward Decks



‘Ladybird’, my Seawych 19, has been hibernating during the winter months, but now she’s stirring because she ‘feels’ the spring. She’s looking forward to a good clean, a new coat of varnish, a bottom scrape and an application of antifouling. She’ll also appreciate new jib sheets, a better furling line for her foresail and a new support for her two GPS units. Then she’ll be ready for the summer season.



Future Plans

She and I have plans for a great adventure. During April and May we’ll be tuning up, in preparation for a cruise along the South Coast. We have reserved the whole of June and July for this enterprise. Hopefully, guests will join us for their enjoyment and for our company. If the weather is kind and my health holds out, we are hopeful of visiting Exmouth, Teignmouth, Dartmouth, Torquay and perhaps Plymouth. That’s a tall order, we know, but fair winds could make it possible. En route we plan to call into Poole where we shall hope to sail with two friends in their Paradox micro-cruisers, and we shall want to visit Weymouth to meet an old crew. Keyhaven is another venue where we plan to rendezvous with a friend who is more fanatical than me about sailing and boats.


For Sale

When our cruise is over, my current mistress and I will most likely part - ‘Ladybird’ in search of a new master, and me to take on a new project. If there are any suitors for ‘Ladybird’ please get in touch. She’ll be FOR SALE at the going rate; really good value for money. She could be yours in August!!


Thomas Armstrong said...

Bill, it's so great to have you back. I haven't been able to keep up with the reading of your adventures, so prolific an outpouring it is. I've enjoyed what I've read, immensely. Thanks.Keep it up! Do you still have 'Faith'?

thomas, 70.8%

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Thomas. I no longer have 'Faith', but I cherish memories of her.
It is my practice to have a new boat project every two years. Therefore I shall be starting a different one towards the end of this year. Hence it is very likely that I shall be advertising 'Ladybird' for sale, sometime in August or September.

endorphindolphin said...

Greetings Bill,
Hey, that is an interesting placement for the sink. How well does it work out to have that as placement? Do you know of any long term cruisers (liveaboards) that have it placed like that? Or does it just get in the way and cause the onboard chef undo grief?

Pete Patton
Aotearoa New Zealand