Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Faith

It looks as though my web site will almost be without change for the next few months because I’m stuck into building ‘Faith’, a Paradox micro-sailboat. There’s only a certain amount of time for doing things, and if one is spending five hours a day putting together a boat from raw products, there simply isn’t time for making web pages.

Since my previous post I’ve cut all four frames, the transom and the side panels. Next, I’ll need to make various cleats for storage racks and floors for the frames; then I’ll have to scarf sections of the side panels before joining them. I wonder how long it will take. Much will depend on the weather and other factors could come into play.

For the reader there may not be much excitement in reading this, but for me there’s much satisfaction in knowing that substantial progress is being made towards attaining my ‘Faith’. As progress is made, so surely will my faith will be strengthened. Faith feeds on faith, as grace grows upon grace. There’s a snowball effect - as the ball rolls down the hill it gathers momentum and grows in size until there’s no stopping it!

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