Friday, March 17, 2006

‘Faith’ Building

Faith building sounds like something to do with a fundamental Christian religion; the thing pastors, deacons and evangelicals work at day in day out. They have this fervent conviction to bring as many to the Lord as they can, but not without the aid of the life-giving Holy Spirit. (John 3:6)

‘Faith’ is the name I have given to the ‘Paradox’ micro-sailboat I am building. After a long deliberation considering many names, ‘Faith’ was the most appealing, because I require faith more than anything to make my dream of ownership a reality. I need faith in myself to complete the job, which entails hundreds of hours of loving labour. All the materials for building the boat have to be assembled, fashioned and joined together to bring about a unified vessel of function and beauty.

After a winter’s hibernation I have resumed building the little boat, but as yet, I’ve not started the hull, apart from cutting one frame. The mast, boom, yard, rudder, stock, tiller, laminated beams, reefing mechanism and ballast have all been made. Before I can start the hull itself, I must make the yuloh, which is a device something like a long paddle for propelling the boat by zigzagging it in the water at the stern. Perhaps I’ll be able to shape the wooden parts of the yuloh and glue them together before the end of next week; then I’ll have a big clearout of the garage in readiness for making the remaining frames.

Faith feeds on the reality of hope – that which is not seen materially, but which is the reality of things to come. By the acting out of faith, faith itself is strengthened. (Hebrews 11:1, 2)

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