Monday, April 04, 2005

List Keeps Growing

To Do

I had no time for the boat today, but the ‘To Do List’ keeps growing. Here it is:

Repack stern gland
Insert battens and rig sail
Renew running rigging where necessary
Paint around windows
Paint self-steering bracket
Paint antifouling
Paint windvane
Varnish self-steering paddle
Attend to exhaust tube
Fit rubber sealer to cockpit floor locker
Secure cockpit locker floor
Thoroughly clean engine and touch up with paint
Secure gas pipe in overspill locker
Make mouse box
Fit and test computer navigation gear
Try burgee
Make door mat from spare carpet
Tighten lifelines
Stow gear
Thoroughly clean boat inside and out

In addition to the above there a number of items to buy; some of them will require fitting.

Finally, everything needed for the cruise will have to be taken to the boat.

What with my busy schedule and April showers, it’s going to be touch and go that all will be finished before launching time in just under three weeks.

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