Monday, April 06, 2015

‘Hussar’ - Vertue No 21

Of the Laurent Giles designed yachts, I’ve always liked Vertues. A friend of mine built the very first Mark 11 GRP version. She was made from sheathed fibreglass planking formed on a male mould.  I had the privilege of crewing for him on a cruise from Canvey Island, Essex to Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. When I was skippering ‘Speedwell’* (Not ‘Speedwell of Hong Kong’***) at Brighton I was invited to look at a Cheoy Lee Vertue. The quality of workmanship was first-class.

The Vertue shown in the photo is ‘Hussar’ ** sailing on the River Crouch.


**’Hussar’ – Details of Laurent Giles Yacht

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1 comment:

Alden Smith said...

The Vertue is one of my very favourite of boats - and it has such a rich history.

I think Hussar is improved by having the jib headstay attached to the top of the mast making her a Sloop rather than the original "Slutter" (horrible word) rig.