Monday, May 21, 2012

‘Sandpiper’s’ Outboard Bracket

Finding the position for the adjustable bracket.

To ensure that water is pumped through the exhaust cooling system, my Honda short shaft 2 HP outboard must be immersed in water to a point where the cavitation plate is six inches below the surface. Failure could result in overheating. Getting the prop well below the surface improves the efficiency of the engine. To that end I have purchased a stainless steel adjustable outboard bracket.

Buying the bracket was the easy bit, even though I had to travel to Grays to collect it, because my local chandlers did not have one in stock. Fitting the contraption to the transom was the tricky bit. First, I had to work out where the bracket was to go. The upper bolts had to pass through the transom above the aft deck, and the lower ones below it. Being right-handed, I preferred to have the engine on the port side, and it had to be placed where the starting cord could be pulled without hindrance. Additionally, I wanted the prop to be clear of the rudder. I also wanted to keep the bottom of the mounting pad clear of the water when the engine is in the lowered position.

After a bit of juggling I found the exact spot, and drilled holes through the transom for the retaining bolts. Tomorrow, I intend making wooden pads for spreading the load; then, hopefully, I shall attach the bracket to the transom.

P.S. I fitted jubilee clips to the cockpit drainage pipe.

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