Thursday, February 09, 2012

Holiday Break

'Aziz' at Alderney

Dear Followers,

Many thanks for visiting my blog. Without your support there would be little satisfaction from writing an article every day of the year. Sometimes it’s a slog, and the words do not always come easily. I need to be very self-disciplined if I am to continue at this tempo. The time has come for me to have a break; maybe for a day or so, or perhaps longer. I feel I must have a rest. Therefore, please bear with me if you find nothing fresh until I return.

At St. Helier

'Aziz' at St. Helier

There are hundreds of pages for you to read. Choose a subject and type a few relevant words in the search box at the very bottom of this page; then scroll to the top where you will find related articles. Click whichever link you fancy and you are there.

Please enjoy what’s on offer.

Yours sincerely,


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