Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lustful Passions

Desires that become lustful passions* can overpower our fundamental instinct of survival if we indulge in them so that our cravings gain the upper hand, causing us to lose self-control to the extent that our health, both physical and mental can adversely be affected. Overcoming even a singular lustful passion played out in practice can require a high degree of mind control on our part. When we are engaged in our lustful pursuits our survival instinct is subjugated or entirely ignored because of the intense action involving our mind and perhaps our body, and yet, without our survival we cannot fulfil our cravings. We become a bit like a parasite that depends on the body upon which it feeds, but ultimately destroys that same body.

Cunning advertisers bombard us through TV, the Internet and by other means with attractive temptations by way of suggestions or offers designed to satisfy our desires, wants or needs; therefore the utmost vigilance is required to over-rule and filter the incoming information which may mean ignoring or putting out of mind what the eye sees or the brain hears. It’s a matter of keeping a balance without excess; for what the mind lustfully desires must be subjugated in order to maintain equilibrium. Any disproportionate desire for a particular thing is a recipe for disaster because it acts like a compulsive drug upon which we become addicted.

Do we want riches? Do we want good health? Do we seek pleasure or do we want chocolates? Our wants can become so demanding that they escalate into ‘must haves’ without limit, at which point they become cravings for the satisfaction of our lust. The continued practice of our lust can eventually destroy us so that we become slaves to whatever we crave; then we’ll abandon the morals and principles that originally shaped our being; we’ll no longer be the balanced person we once were. A taste of amphetamine leads to a taste of ‘Crack’, and a taste of ‘Crack’ brings a desire for heroin which paves the way for a cocktail of drugs that leaves us sprawling on the floor where we die a wretched death.

So beware; be vigilant and control the mind that brings desires for those things that may eventually destroy both mind and body. Maintain equilibrium and never be excessive. If you can be satisfied with what you have, you’ll never fall into the temptation of lustful desires.

* Within the context of this article ‘lustful passions’ are defined as grossly excessive longings for a particular thing or experience which may include over-indulgence in sexual activity.

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