Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shedding Branches

Yes, it’s true. I’m going to simplify my life by shedding a few branches. Over the years one collects all manner of junk until there is so much clobber there is no room for standing. Walking and running are out of the question! Immobilisation is the result. There’s a time for renewal and simplification, a time to discard all unnecessary impedimenta and invent a new uncluttered future. To this end I am retreating from the subtle Internet entrapment into which I have drifted. I shall undo the self-imposed handcuffs and chains attached to my ankles.

What does this really mean? Well, I shall be closing down my web sites that demand lots of my time, effort and energy, not to mention enthusiasm and fresh creativity. There will be a sense of loss, almost bereavement, but the pain will be worth the relief when I can skip happily again, to be free without encumbrances having abundant energy to spare. I shall shed my self-imposed burdens and seek a new, freer and simple life.

None of the foregoing implies that I’ll abandon sailing or yacht ownership, far from it. In fact I’m planning on sharing ownership of the next boat, a trimaran, because I’ve never had one before, although I was terrified while sailing a F 32 which went like the clappers or should I say clippers. To my mind, for excitement and speed, trimarans are unsurpassed. They have disadvantages, such as their wide beam, which makes manoeuvring in marinas and confined waters more difficult than the usual run of yachts with less beam and their movement in certain sea states can be bumpy, but generally they sail fairly upright, and a well-designed cruising trimaran has excellent accommodation and ample deck space.

Unlike my web sites, I have no intention of closing this blog, so watch out for new entries.

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