Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cruise - Part 6

The Cruise – Part 6

Fri 11th April

This was another day spent in port because of the strong wind which reached force 7. I took the opportunity to visit the Pavilion, a building of sumptuous elegance designed for entertaining the guests of the Prince Regent, George the 4th. Much of the interior was based on Chinese design with opulent sculpted features such as a dragon high in the ceiling supporting an exquisite chandelier in its mouth. The extravagance and indulgence in the Prince Regent's whims is flabbergasting; I could never have imagined such a passion for the purpose of entertaining and showing off. It was a place where he loved to be surrounded with beautiful women and men of prominent positions. Queen Victoria inherited the property, but she found it unsuitable for her purposes and sold it to the Council of Brighton.

I had lunch in the open area adjacent to the Brighton Museum and there I met a lady who suffered from anxiety and who was looked after by a carer. She told me she was disappointed because she was not allowed to have a holiday with two friends who lived in the New Forest and she wanted me to explain what a 'risk assessment' was because she had failed hers for the holiday, but didn't fully understand what it was all about. As a part of her therapy she was going swimming at the local pool.

The Museum was well worth a visit in view of the excellent exhibits, particularly the huge collection of pottery representing the history of England in many subjects subjects such as entertainment, medicine, sports, et.

Back at the boat the biting cold wind roared across the Marina bringing spray from the breaking waves as they crashed into the jetties and my little boat danced beside the pontoon.

Nigel Davidson kindly charged my computer while I prepared the evening meal and visited the post box at Asda.

Well, tomorrow may be better for sailing and if it is I'll be heading west towards the Isle of Wight or Chichester Harbour.

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