Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Beginning

Bill's Log

Spring in the northern hemisphere officially commences on the 20 March at the time of the Vernal Equinox. Crocuses, polyanthus and daffodils bring colourful life to the garden; the dawn chorus starts earlier each day and the mad March hare dances the fields in jubilation.

These signs of nature’s metabolic clock inextricably linked with the pointers of the Pole Star and the moon’s gravitational effect upon spring tides say to the yachtsman, “Remove the winter covers; dust off the cobwebs of cold hibernation; open wide the hatches and let the warm spring air enter in.”

Then I know it’s time to check the halyards, gudgeons and pintles, repack the stern gland, remove the inhibiting oil and replenish with new; replace the impellor, set rigging and sails; refill the water tank, polish the hull; prepare the keel; apply anti-fouling, stow the gear, then relax in anticipation before launching the yacht.

Adventures lie ahead in fulfilment of winter’s dreams: Exploring creeks, coastal voyaging; beating, reaching, running - fine days or foul; good companions and crew, friends and acquaintances; walking, resting, swimming and sunbathing – all these to look forward to, if the Lord wills by His sovereign grace.

The new beginning of spring is like a wondrous butterfly emerging from her crusty winter cocoon into the dawn of a new day.

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