Saturday, July 16, 2005

Selling a Boat (2)

Advertising your boat for sale can best be done for free on the Internet. There are a number of sites willing to advertise boats, including a photo for absolutely nothing! Based in the UK there are two exceptionally good sites; they are:

Boats and Outboards

Boats for Sale

And for a small fee Apolloduck will allow you to add a photo to your free advertisement

Today I had my first prospective visitor have a look at ‘Bumper’ with a view to buying her. He’s seen three yachts to date and has one more to look at before making up his mind which boat he prefers. If he thinks my boat may be what he wants, he’ll first have a trial sail, because in all fairness, that’s the best way of finding out how she goes.

The worst scenario is having what’s known as ‘time wasters’ making visits. They have no real intention of buying, but just enjoy visiting boats to compare what is on offer. Indeed, some of these people do not even have the cash to buy a boat; neither would they consider borrowing money to fund a purchase.

For the seller, keeping the boat presentable is half the battle, and having a sense of humour mingled with patience is essential.

More often than not, a prospective buyer will know within five or ten minutes if a boat is for him. After his initial decision, such a person is likely to spend some considerable time checking everything thoroughly to confirm his gut reaction. If he has any sense, he’ll go away without making a deposit; then in the cool light of the day after thinking everything through, he’ll make an offer, most likely subject to a survey. Having a professional surveyor check the boat can pay dividends, because his recommendations can be helpful for the buyer in arriving at a true value for the boat.

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